About St George's ...


  • We are a small, local Christian church - ordinary people who meet regularly to spend time together with God.
  • We try to follow the way of Jesus Christ, and live by our faith in him, though we're far from perfect..
  • We aim to help anyone in need, where we can, through friendship and prayer, and provide practical support if appropriate.


Our Mission Statement

Through our work for God, our worship of God, and our fellowship with each other we seek to be open and accepting to the whole community in which we are set.

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Contacting St George's

  • Do you want to know more about St George's?
  • Do you have an enquiry about a baptism, wedding or funeral?
You can email us at: Secretary at St George's


West Cheshire Foodbank St George's supports the West Cheshire Foodbank and we have a collection box for any contributions. Check the West Cheshire foodbank web site for current needs.
While the building is closed, please leave donations at the major supermarkets.


Safeguarding is taken seriously by St George’s. The church is committed to the well-being of all; together with the regional and national United Reformed Church, we have policies in place to protect children and adults at risk and prevent their abuse.



The Data Privacy Notice for St George's may be viewed or downloaded here



St George's supports Fairtrade and is a Fairtrade registered church. We use Fairtrade products such as tea, coffee, sugar for refreshments, and encourage Fairtrade shopping.

St George's is a local church - part of the United Reformed Church
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