Worship: Sunday Services

When are they?

All our times of worship are open to anyone to come along.  Regular Sunday services last about an hour and normally begin at 10:30am, except on special occasions (see the outside notice boards for changes).

What are they for ?

The worship is arranged to help us spend time close to God. It is organised as a mix of prayers, singing, readings from the bible, and preaching, with someone leading from the front.


Most people prefer to sit quietly in times of prayer, thinking about God and themselves and their concerns. Usually the minister will lead the prayers. There is a notebook kept in the entrance: you can write in it if you would like anyone or anything to be mentioned specially.


We normally stand up to sing, using songs from either "Mission Praise" (the thin white book) or from "Rejoice and Sing" (the thicker blue book).  We do not have a choir and few of us are good singers - feel free to join in if you can.  Large-print books are available if you prefer.

The Bible

Readings from the bible are announced, both by chapter and page number. Some prefer to listen, others to follow in one of the "Good News" bibles on the seats. After the readings and some songs the minister will talk about what we have heard, to offer a clearer explanation of what God is like, how we can know God better, and how we can live so as to love God and other people in the world today.

Do we have to pay ?

Some time during the service a collection is taken to pay for the cost of running the Church and giving to charity. This is a time of voluntary giving - you can put in as little or as much as you wish, or simply pass the plate on to the next person.

What next ?

At the end of the service, please introduce yourself to the minister who will wait by the door to chat with everyone. If you want to talk privately to the minister or other leaders of the Church, please wait after the service or ask someone to call to see you at home.

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